23 August 2009

Virtual Reading

The Montreal Gazette is running a series of poetry videos on their website this summer. Click here to watch Carmine Starnino read his poem "Our Butcher" from his new collection, This Way Out.

17 August 2009

Boats and Bits

Today I’ve got the second of two colours to handprint on the jacket of John Terpstra’s new book Skin Boat. Local illustrator and calligrapher Jack McMaster did the water pattern, as well as an illustration for the frontispiece (the guts of the book are printed offset). The type is Jim Rimmer’s Amethyst. The paper is Domtar’s feltweave. Printed letterpress, the white lines of the waves seem to rise above the paper.

I’m still working away, botanizing wild local letterforms – fontanizing? I’m planning to give a talk called Wild Local Letterforms: A Taxonomy," at our annual wayzgoose and open house, to be held this year on Saturday October 24. More on that later. For now, B is for … well, many things.