15 January 2009

Andrew's Printshop Review

Things are getting busy in the printshop again after a bit of a break over the Christmas holiday. As usual, there are many different projects at many different stages, but my main focus at the moment is on designing the guts of new poetry books by Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaassen and Carmine Starnino, and the jacket for Robert Bringhurst’s Selected Poems. Kate and I are also trying to get the spring catalogue to press – which is several weeks overdue on my account. I’ve been distracted with both commercial design jobs and the production of two letterpress books.

This week I started to print the green ‘spot’ colour on our forthcoming letterpress book, Walking, an essay by Henry David Thoreau. The printing of the text is complete, and after I print all the drop capitals and such I’ll be ready to print Wesley Bate’s three engravings from the blocks. The paper is a wonderful German sheet called Biblio. The green is PMS 443, a selection inspired by Rockwell Kent.

Speaking of letterpress books, the printing of Don McKay’s The Muskwa Assemblage is complete, but we’re still trying to find time to make the paper for the jacket. More accurately, as I told Don, we’re still trying to find time to make the equipment we need to make the paper for his jackets. I’ll include some pictures of our papermaking process in a forthcoming post. In the meantime, Don was good enough to send us some cotton fibre to help make the paper for his book jackets – an old pair of his own blue jeans.


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Unknown said...

Congratulations on the new blog, Andrew and Gary! I'll put it up on my blog and will be sure to check in regularly.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from the arts desk here at the Post. Cheers,

Bruce Johnson said...

Congrats on the blog Andrew. As an addict of Biblioasis' blog, it is great to add this to my daily travels.

Bruce Johnson

Slim Volumes said...

I enjoyed a tour of your shop four-five years ago. Now the blog to keep in touch. What a rich world we live in, to have such options for communicating.

Great to find Wes Bates at Gaspereau. Seems like a natural fit. Not so sure about Don McKay's jeans though. Pros and cons are both the places they've been.