13 January 2010

BNS Covers

I’ve been working on the latest issue of the Blomidon Naturalists Society Newsletter. Back in 2008, I proposed that Gaspereau Press take the production of this local newsletter under its wing. Written by the society members and edited by a couple of skilled volunteers, it was a much better publication than its photocopied embodiment implied. We offered them a deal that they couldn’t refuse and basically converted the publication to a journal format, tastefully typeset in Rod McDonald’s Laurentian and Slate Sans types, printed on a nice cream text stock, Smyth sewn and bound into a paper cover. I got a little resistance to the decorative covers at first, but by and large the redesign has been a success. Many of the covers feature original leaf ornaments designed by Jack McMaster and which comprise a growing font of fleurons which Jack and I have been creating for use at the press.


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d said...

wow.... good printing