20 May 2012

Moving the Goluska Printshop Part 3

Yahoo! The Goluska type collection has arrived at Gaspereau by truck. First thing this morning we met the driver and his rig in the fortuitously abandoned parking lot (it being a long weekend) in front of our building in Kentville. My neighbour Bret Miner was kind enough to bring his gigantic tractor down off the South Mountain to shunt the skids from the truck to our dock (we have a dock leveler, but we didn’t want to risk the steep drop down off the truck’s deck with such heavy and valuable cargo). I dare say this is the first time he’s moved a Linotype. Once things were inside the building, my other mountain neighbours Erik Barr and John Colten helped reassemble the type cabinets and lug the hundreds of drawers of type into the letterpress studio. We were also greatly assisted by noteworthy typographer Stephen Slipp of Wolfville. We got all the type unloaded from the skids and reloaded into the cabinets, though there is still much work to do before the shop will be anything resembling organized again. I’m so pleased to see it all landed in Kentville safe and sound, just as Glenn had envisioned. Combined with our own considerable collection of presses and casters, it makes for a well equipped letterpress shop. I’ll be organizing and cataloguing the Goluska types though the summer in the hopes of some sort of official unveiling of the Goluska Type Lab (or whatever we’ll call it) at our wayzgoose on October 20th. Thanks again to Bret, Erik, Stephen, John and Gary for helping me to get this unloaded today.


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