15 October 2012

Tramp Printer Report No. 11

Sunday morning I spent a few hours at the typefoundry of Michael and Winifred Bixler at Skaneateles, New York. The press and foundry are located in a beautiful old mill building not far from Syracuse.

Michael and Winifred both studied at Rochester Tech and initially founded their press in Massachusetts in the 1970s. The started by doing a lot of produce comp work for photo-offset printers (that is, they composing books on a Monotype caster and printed a sheet on a proof press to be photographed and made into plates for an offset press).

Here are some of the Bixler’s Monotype casters. Over the years they have built up an impressive catalogue of British Monotype typefaces, including rarities like Octavian and Joanna.

Their presses include a number of Vandercooks and two Heidelberg cylinder presses. This is the press I really ought have at Gaspereau. It is essentially the sister press to out Heidelberg KORD offset presses.


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