10 October 2012

Tramp Printer Report No. 8

Today was the Gordo Symposium of Lowly Country Printers. Myra, Amos and I were joined by the exceptionally gifted letterpress printer Terry Chouinard of Athens, Alabama. Here we are (minus Myra) in front of Amos’s shop.

After several hours of talking shop and working up a right manly hunger, we drove in to Tuscaloosa to get some authentic Bar BQ at Archibald’s. The place is literally in the guy’s backyard.

The signage was a hoot, especially the digital-clock style phone number.

Following Terry’s lead, I had the ‘large half-and-half’, a pulled pork sandwich, ribs and white bread. Nary a vegetable to be found.

Happy, sticky-fingered patrons Terry and Myra. (Amos, a vegetarian, sits patiently and hungrily out of the frame.)

While we were at Archibald’s Bar BQ, a small New York film crew was shooting a segment for a Comedy Network show (or a pilot – beats me, I don’t own a TV) called “Food Show” which seems to have consisted mostly of insipid, ad-libbed chatter. The guys were funnier and more likable when the cameras were off. That’s showbiz for you.

I’m off to Nashville and Kentucky!


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David Brewer said...

...Your little 'walkabout' is beginning to remind me of an independent film I've seen bits of a couple of times --- "Searching For The One Eyed Jesus" .........are you searching for the 'one eyed Jesus, Andrew?????