21 October 2010

Bruce at the Goose

As well as binding some copies of The Sentimentalists (cut and paste that statement into any Gaspereau blog posting in the forthcoming months ...) we were collating copies of Bruce Johnson’s novel Firmament this afternoon, which will be launched at the Wayzgoose on Saturday. Here’s a short clip of me messing up what had been an otherwise orderly bit of table walking by Basma, Laura and Connie by introducing a camera into the mix.

Each of the sections they are picking up is a sheet folded three times to make a 16 page ‘signature’. After they are thus gathered, they are sewn together into a book block and bound in a cover.

Note the gumdrops on the table. Very important.

You can hear Bruce Johnson read from this new book on Saturday evening at 7:00 pm at the Kentville Rec Centre.


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