25 October 2010


Gaspereau Press hosted another successful wayzgoose and open house this weekend. I spent most of the day stuck back in the casting room showing off the Ludlow hot metal casters, so I’m grateful to those who took pictures. Below are a few snapped by Jack McMaster.

Our special guest artist, Alabama letterpress printer Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., had a great time printing a keepsake on our Vandercook Universal 1 press.

Ellis Clayton and Adam Steeves manned a parlour press.

Gaspereau’s pressman Matt McLean talks to a visitor about the operation of the Heidelberg KORD 64 offset press – or perhaps about the ongoing relevance of Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience.

Matt again at the Heidelberg. That's author Susal Haley in the foreground, leaning on the press.

Laura MacDonald and Nic Dunfield (in a Tim Inkster like top hat) help a visitor ‘couch’ a sheet of handmade paper.

Nic Dunfield and Laura MacDonald beating scraps of old blue jeans into ‘stuff’ for papermaking.

Adam Steeves and Ellis Clayton setting up the parlour press with Basma Kavanaugh.

Here I am explaining the workings of the Ludlow hot metal linecaster.

And here I am helping a visitor to set a line of matrices for casting.

Letterpress printer and photographer Thaddeus Holownia of Anchorage Press, Jolicure, New Brunswick, talking to visitors about the Vandercook 219 letterpress in my office.

Thaddeus Holownia and author Peter Sanger printing a wayzgoose keepsake in my office.

Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., signing posters for visitors.

We'll post some more photos and videos as the week goes on. Right now, we're busy setting the shop to rights again, and setting up to get some more The Sentimentalists bound.


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