23 October 2012

Wayzgoose 2012!

Gaspereau Press held it’s fourteenth annual Wayzgoose and open house this past weekend. The event, which featured Montreal papermaker David Carruthers (Papeterie Saint-Armand) and fledgling Fredericton printer David Brewer (Rabbittown Press), was well attended. We also had readings by authors Hether Jessup and Carmine Starnino. Thanks to all those who helped make the event a success.

I spent most of the event cloistered in the casting room casting slugs for our visitors, so thank you to Jack McMaster for taking these pictures of at the open house.

David Brewer supervises visitors pulling a proof on Glenn Goluska’s Vanvercook Universal I proof press. David made a Bliss Carman linocut forthe event.

David Carruthers attracted a great crowd all day as he pulled sheets of paper with a mould and deckle dating to Canada’s centennial in 1967.

David Carruthers inspects a sheet.

Matt (in the back) demonstrated CMYK colour printing on our Heidelberg offset press.

As usual, I spent most of the day explaining hot metal linecasting using our Ludlow.

Slugs cast on the Ludlow were then printed on a little parlour press.

David C. beating pulp on out 4-pound hollander (he has a 1000-pound hollander in his own shop).

The ever helpful volunteer Steven Slipp ran the parlour press.

After using the slug they cast to print text on a cover, participants handsewed their own blank booklets.

Gary Dunfield demonstrating the Chandler & Price clamshell press.

David Brewer and a participant printing the Bliss Carman broadside.


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David Brewer said...

Avery good little synopsis of a very good little event, Andrew. Thanks for inviting me. I 'borrowed' a couple of the pictures here.....I hope neither Jack nor you mind terribly.....db