02 November 2012

Amos Kennedy to Move North of Canada*

After a long sojourn in rural Alabama, my great friend and occassional collaborator Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., has announced his intentions to move his letterpress operation north of Canada* to the city of Detroit. His ambition is to aquire some large industrial warehouse space and to open his well-equiped letterpress studio to artists and students who want to try their hand at the craft of letterpress printing. I think that’s a pretty noble idea, and one I plan to participate in, both as a supporter and also as a volunteer.

Presently, he’s trying to raise support, if you’re interested in helping him out. You can visit indiegogo if you want to read more about his project, or donate.

* Windsor, Ontario, is south of Detroit.



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globalstrings.com said...

Very enjoyable post. I've been there, fixing a beautiful Linotype machine that I absolutely LOVED working on. I really miss letterpress printing. Thanks for this one.