31 January 2013

Spring is coming

If you’ve been periodically surfing to our blog and looking for an update, I’m sorry to have been so slow to resume my correspondence. After my fall road trip to America (which I chronicle in an extensive and well-illustrated article due to appear in the spring issue of the esteemed Canadian printing journal, The Devil’s Artisan), and the successful celebration of our annual high holiday, the Gaspereau Press Wayzgoose, I simply had to focus and get some work done.

Here under the sign of the mirthful g, it suddenly looks like spring is just around the corner. We had record breaking high temperatures and wild winds today. And the five trade books in the works for the spring season are all creeping into being. I’ll post more about thse books as they move through the press and bindery. For now, I’ll name them quickly. We tend to frontload our year with poetry, in part to make the most of National Poetry Month in April. This years’s poetry books are:

Fireship: Early Poems, 1965–1991 by Peter Sanger
($25.95 | 9781554471218)

Ocean by Sue Goyette
($19.95 | 9781554471225)

Brilliant Falls by John Terpstra
($17.95 | 9781554471232)

The Deer Yard by Allan Cooper & Harry Thurston
($17.95 | 9781554471201)

We’re also launching a new series called “Diaries of the Acadian Deportations,” edited by Jonathan Fowler & Earle Lockerby. The first volume, Jeremiah Bancroft at Fort Beauséjour and Grand-Pré ($25.95 | 9781554471195), publishes an Bancroft’s diary, supported by extensive annotation, maps and illustrations.

Descriptions of these books should be up on our website in the next two weeks.


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