09 July 2009

Alcuin Dinner in Toronto

We got a nice package in the mail this week from Stefan Rose, author of The House That Stands, a book which I designed for Thaddeus Holownia at Anchorage Press last year. It was one of the six books that I designed at Gaspereau Press that was recognized by the Alcuin Society in its annual Canadian book design competition. Stefan attended the Alcuin awards dinner at the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto a few weeks ago and was kind enough to gather up our certificates and mail them to us. Never one to neglect to offer of a free meal in lean times, I asked wood engraver and long-time collaborator Wesley Bates to attend the dinner in my place. His report, in part, follows:

“It was a great honour to be your stand-in last night. You and Gaspereau were the darlings of the event. I got to stand at the front and receive four awards in a row for you. More that any other press. Bravo! As for me, well, I was warmed to the core in the spotlight that was cast on Gaspereau. I met people that I hadn’t seen in years. The meal was lovely. I had never been in the Arts & Letters Club before and Don McLeod of the Devil’s Artisan journal gave me a tour of the building. I had a little acceptance speech worked out but they didn’t give anyone the mic so I just smiled and waved at everyone for you. – Wes”

You can find out more about Wesley Bates by visiting his web site or dropping in to his gallery on the main drag in Clifford, Ontario. You can also read about his experiences as a wood engraver in his recently published book In Black & White, which was one of the books which was recognized for its design at the Alcuin dinner.

You can find out more about the Alcuin society by visiting their web site.


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