13 October 2009

Steinmetz, McKay & Starnino

This fall, Geist magazine features an excerpt from Andrew Steinmetz's novel, Eva's Threepenny Theatre, and a review of Don McKay's The Muskwa Assemblage.

While in Iceland for the Reykjavik International Literary Festival, Don McKay answered the question, Why Poetry? Visit the Griffin Trust website to read the entire speech.

Meanwhile, back in Canada, Andrew Steinmetz has been busy jumping on shortlists for the Ottawa Book Awards and the Roger's Writers' Trust Fiction Prize. He's still had time for other pursuits though - Andrew recently set one of Carmine Starnino's poems to music. Visit the Vehicule Press blog to listen to Carmine Starnino's poem 'Shag' from This Way Out adapted and performed by Andrew Steinmetz.

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Bruce Johnson said...

Let's not forget the GG nomination! congrats all.