17 March 2010

Break-time Cribbage at Gaspereau

In a shocking come-from-behind victory, Laura, Gaspereau Press’s Humber College publishing intern, comes from behind to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, narrowly beating Gary Dunfield with a 17 point hand. When the above footage was captured, victory was far from certain.

Laura displayed the story of her victory on her cribbage score pad while Gary retreated in a blur to his office; all the while, the rivalry intensifies. They’ve been hanging these score sheets around the shop like kill notches on their rifle stocks. The question is, what horrid jobs will Laura the intern be assigned as payback for her for her gutsy trouncing of her host?

In the meantime, back to our regularly scheduled book production panic.



Bruce Johnson said...

I'm brushing up for next fall's wayzgoose. You will need to learn Nfld. Growl too.


Unknown said...

Anyone who knows Laura would have predicted this victory!