13 August 2010


Well, I scored the jackets for Parenthesis on the big Golding jobber yesterday. When scoring, I'm able to feed a 26-inch-wide sheet into the Golding so long as the impression area is well back from the edges. Now that my part in the production of the Fine Press Book Association’s publication is complete, I’ve moved on to catching up on some administrative work and starting in on the backlog of typesettinig I have to complete on our own fall books. But Parenthesis is still occupying much of our time as we work to ship copies early next week.

Laura and Basma have been feeding journals through the three-pocket Sulby binder while Gary and Connie have wrestled with a very grumpy Smyth sewer.

Novelist Susan Haley came in to fold Parentheis jackets behind a mountain of untrimmed copies of the journal.

Susan was also hand-inserting an original silkscreen print (produced at Tara Books in India) into each copy of Parenthesis.There’s an article on Tara Books in the Presses section of the journal.

Meanwhile, we’ve got other print jobs to keep moving, like printing the summer issue of the Blomidon Naturalists Society’s quarterly newsletter (with a cover that features enlarged leaf ornaments by Jack McMaster) and typsetting a paper on the stratigraphy of the Lower Paleozoic Goldenville and Halifax groups in southwestern Nova Scotia for the journal Atlantic Geology. I’m beginning to feel like all we ever get to do around here is produce journals. Time to get back to some books!


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