16 November 2010

Finding the Way Through

Well, Scott McIntyre at D&M and Gary and I here in Kentville spent a lot of yesterday on the telephone and standing in front of cameras, talking about the plan to get The Sentimentalists out to Canadian Readers quicker, without compromising all the things we stand for as literary publishers. CBC's The National did a nice job of summing up the story on their broadcast last night.

Gary and I want to thank everyone who has expressed their support for Johanna and the work of the press. Literature, at the heart of it all, only thrives where there exists a community of shared interests, shared concerns, and shared fates. What I'm saying, I suppose, is that Johanna's story, and our story, is also your story, because you engaged it and helped make it all so.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I still have a hell of a lot of books to make, and I'd better get back to it if I want to make as many people as possible happy before Christmas.



Carolyn said...

Congratulations and I can hardly wait to get my Gaspereau Press copies!

Sheila said...

Well done. I'm impressed by the sensible attitude of all parties concerned, and by the fact that the sensible attitude led to a solution that let you maintain your publishing values, Joanna get her book read by as many people as want to read it, and the punters satisfy their need to have everything NOW, before the buzz wears off.

Rob Taylor said...

Congrats on this announcement - I think I speak for many, though, when I say that I'll be waiting patiently for a Gaspereau copy!

john murimboh said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Good news for everyone. Looking forward to my Gaspereau Press copy.

John said...

My wife and I received our Gaspereau Press copy this week and it is MAGNIFICENT. In fact the whole story behind what has happened with "The Sentimentalist" speaks volumes to much of what's wrong with our society, and the need to get back to our roots and honour once again the making of things here. On that note you have also been blogged here: http://wiggersfurniture.blogspot.com/2010/12/sentimentalists-please-buy-real-book.html
Keep up the good work!