13 June 2012

Do You Need a Letterpress Metal Saw?

Gaspereau Press has two surplus type metal saws available. These saws have adjustments in points and picas and are intended for cutting lead when composing type. If you are running linecasting equipment or doing any amount of hand composition, these saws are extremely handy.

We’ve picked up various saws over the years and held on to them thinking we might need them some day, but frankly, we only need one saw and we now have three. If you would like one of these saws, make us an offer. We would be willing to let them go for a nominal amount and the cost of shipping. We really just want to see them working in someone’s shop.

The smaller one is a Model C Cost Cutter Saw, table-top model.

The larger one is a Hamond Bench Glider ‘Trim-o-saw’ BGR 78, also a table-top model.

I have not run either saw, but they both came from active shops and are in working order.

For more information, or to discuss the terms of adoption, please contact Gary Dunfield at gary [at] gaspereau [dot] com.



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