03 October 2012

Tramp Printer Report No. 3

Peter Fraterdeus of Slow Print in Dubuque, Iowa, showing off his new door signage.

Peter Fraterdeus of settting up his Miehle V36.

Peter’s shop is located in the old warehouse district in Dubuque, down by the Mississippi River. Note the fabulous lettering painted on the building.

Peter took me up to see Louise Kames who teaches fine arts at Clarke College, Dubuque. She showed us an exhibit of work from the Silver Buckle Press, Madison, and some of her own student projects.

One of the less flat bits of Iowa just south of Dubuque (a bit the glaciers missed?)

A mess o’ Linotypes at Larry Raid’s ‘Linotype University’, Denmark Iowa.

Hey! Look! Another Nowlan proof press, just like the one Tim Inkster has.

Larry Raid (centre) with students Monserrat Iniguez (Fairfeild, IA) and Nick Kinney (Kansas City, MO).

Bill Powers (Tucson, AZ) at a Linotype no. 31. Bill learned to compose on a Linotype in high school but never pursued the trade. All these years late he’s relearning the machine.

Mark Tupin (St. Croix Falls, WI) and Larry Raid looking over the second elevator on a model 31.

There’s no time to write right now, but I’ll post more later in the trip.


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