04 September 2013

Divino Jure Typographus

A mysterious envelope with a Detroit return address on it appeared on my desk today. Opening it, I discovered a moving poster from my friend and sometimes co-conspirator Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. The poster was printed on a run-of-th-mill map of Amos’s longtime state of residence, Alabama, highlighting the importance of voting in general and the suppression of the Black vote in particular.

Coincidentally, Nova Scotians presently await a provincial election call, expected early this fall. There is much speculation about whether the incumbent New Democratic government will be returned by the people. But there is also much concern about declining voter turnout, especially among younger voters. Vote! Vote!

Also expected this fall, at least in this jurisdiction, is the Gaspereau Press wayzgoose, at which Amos will be among our featured guest printers. (The wayzgoose also features the well-haberdashed printmaker George Walker and Greenboathouse Press’s Jason Dewinetz.) The last time Amos was here in Kentville, he told the late Canadian typographer Glenn Goluska that all the wood type in the world actually belonged to him, but that he generously permitted other printers to make us of it, at his pleasure. Glenn’s extensive collection of wood type is now a part of the Gaspereau Press holdings, and I can only imagine Amos continues to assert his claim to Divino Jure Typographus Kennedy over the world’s supply of wood type. We’ll have to watch our p’s and q’s while his highness is in town.

Our wayzgoose and open house will be on Saturday October 26th. Events will be taking place all day long and into the evening. It is free and open to the public.


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