04 November 2013

More Wayzgoose Photos

Here are some more wayzgoose photos, these ones taken by Thaddeus Holownia of Anchorage Press, Jolicure, NB.

Andrew Steeves demonstrating the art of hot metal typecasting on a Ludlow caster.

Type designer Rod McDonald sporting a vintage Gaspereau Press T-shirt.

Sewing booklets in the bindery.

George Walker pulling the devil’s tail on the Albion iron handpress.

George Walker hamming it up for an appreciative audience of wayzgoosers.

Amos Kennedy printing posters.

Hillary Savage printing slugs hot off the Ludlow caster. Steven Slipp in the background.

A gaggle of Wayzgoosers.

Adam Steeves (left) showing a press sheet to wayzgoosers.


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